Do You Rock? Find a Rock Group Near You!

Coming to Northern Westchester Summer 2018

By Laurie Ritrosky, Publisher of Macaroni Kid Westfield-Southwick April 18, 2018

Have you found one yet? They're hiding in communities all over... painted treasures that you can find!

It's art. It's a treasure hunt. It's getting outdoors. It's so much fun and it's the latest craze sweeping Facebook.

The idea is simple: paint rocks and hide them. This is so entertaining, especially for families. Children just love finding them, and parents love getting the kids outdoors. If you haven't started "rocking" yet, spring is the perfect time of year to start.

Smooth rocks are easiest to work with. Make sure rocks are clean and dry before painting. Acrylic paint works best. You can also use sharpies or markers. When your rock is done, I recommend putting on a clear coat sealer to protect it from the elements, as it will be outside for some time.

The best part is you can paint whatever you want! You don't have to be a great artist. You can even just paint some pretty colors on a rock. This is a wonderful project for kids of all ages.

Kids love painting them, hiding them and finding them. Adults do too!

Go on Facebook and search for a rock group in your area. Look up the hashtag or name associated with it. You will usually find it in the 'about' section of the page. Use a sharpie to write it on the back of your rock, that way when someone finds it, they can post it on the Facebook page, and you can see who found it. You can also post a picture on the Facebook page of your rock with a clue about where it is hidden.

If you find a rock, post a picture and then rock it forward and hide it for someone else to find.

You don't have to be on Facebook to enjoy the experience. Just paint some rocks and hide them, knowing it will bring a little cheer to the person who finds them. Or you can go hunting for some yourself.

Please note that rocks must be hidden on public property and they are not allowed in National parks.

MACARONI KID WESTCHESTER NORTH IS PLANNING A "ROCK IT FORWARD" EVENT SERIES IN NORTHERN WESTCHESTER! All ages (even grown ups) will have so much fun participating and sending great messages to our community! Stay tuned for more details to come this summer!

Happy hunting and rock on!