How Martial Arts Can Improve Confidence

By Sensei Ken Deegan, Owner & Chief Instructor at Kempo Academy of Cross River October 4, 2018

There are many ways that martial arts can improve an individual's confidence. Especially for the young students, much of what you experience in a karate class is either new or uncomfortable. Naturally, if you are learning something new, you cannot yet have mastered it. We are constantly learning new techniques or building upon weaknesses. The martial arts student becomes accustomed to exploring this uncharted territory.  We all fear the unknown, but very successful people have that willingness or confidence to be in a place of uncertainty. This ability to accept, even enjoy the process is vital life skill.

Not only do students face change and uncertainty, but they also encounter that experience among their peers. Some might feel this adds a challenge since we as humans can define ourselves socially. The feeling of losing your balance or making a mistake is sometimes compounded when another pair of eyes is watching. How to grow in the group is another foundation of confidence.

In the dojo, we come face to face with our most important and sometimes harshest critic. The giant mirror allows one to assess their-own movements and emotions. We are forced to see ourselves as we are in each stage of development. The martial artist knows where they need to improve. They know their struggle but are also resolute in achieving their goals. Its takes confidence to see your true self as you aspire to great heights.

Improving confidence is one of our many missions at Kempo Academy of Cross River. Here, students develop in a safe and fun environment. We are located around back in the Orchard Square Plaza in Cross River. For more information, contact Sensei Ken Deegan at and (914) 977-3221.