What Chemicals are Being Used on the Fields Where Your Kids Play?

StonyFields #PlayFree Initiative

By Alison Wenger, Lebanon, PA April 5, 2019

When you pride yourself on wholesome organic products for kids and families, it’s no surprise that Earth Day is a holiday you celebrate in a big way.

For Stonyfield Organic, that celebration is even bigger as the company continues its StonyFields #PlayFree initiative–a commitment of $500,000 over three years that will help 35 communities around the country convert their playing fields and parks to organic management.

Have you ever thought about what chemicals are being used on the fields where your kids kick a soccer ball, play baseball or softball, or just enjoy a beautiful spring or summer day?

Studies show that most of us have not.

In fact, a 2018 Stonyfield survey found that the majority of American parents (69%) are looking to lessen exposure to pesticides in food, yet nearly the same number (67%) do not consider sports fields, playgrounds, and parks to be of concern.

Stonyfield is bringing attention to this important issue by empowering everyone to make change locally to protect the health of children and the environment.

Eight of the 35 communities selected for the initiative will be hosting a family-friendly field day celebration ahead of Earth Day. Along with a big dose of fun, there will also be educational info shared around the StonyFields initiative. Those communities are:

Tustin, Calif.

Houston, Texas

Costa Mesa, Calif.

Burbank, Calif.

Salt Lake City, Utah

North Miami, Fla.

Dover, N.H.

Portsmouth, N.H.

For more information about StonyFields #PlayFree and how to make changes in your local community, please visit