8 Tips to Build Early Literacy

By Gymboree & Karen S. Savir Macaroni Kid Westchester North April 9, 2019
  1. Start ’em young…really young! Studies show that early literacy skills begin immediately! It helps with brain development and lays the foundation for language and writing skills.
  2. Make it a daily routine. Making reading part of your daily routine (ex. read two books at bedtime) not only establishes it as the “norm” but also creates an activity that both of you look forward to. They also find comfort in having routines.
  3. Try different textured and colored books for babies. Cloth or board books and brightly colored or high-contrast illustrations are great for babies as they begin to interact with the book that you are reading.
  4. Talk to your baby as much as possible! When you talk, you are helping your baby learn different words. So, tell them all about everything! What you’re cooking, what you’re seeing while driving, what the weather is…it all helps!
    1. And, for toddlers, have conversations with them! Having a conversation with your toddler and encouraging them to participate in the conversation, helps develop their communication skills.  Example: Ask them how they are feeling or what they want for dinner (and why!).
  5. Ask questions while you read. Make your daily reading an interactive and fun experience by asking questions while you read the story. You can even pause before a character’s name and let them complete the sentence!
  6. Read the same book 100 times. By about age 3, toddlers will be able to complete sentences in stories they know. Reading those favorite books over and over helps them learn through repetition and familiarity.
  7. Point out familiar words and sounds. Children begin to recognize letters by age 4. Point out words that begin with the same letter of their first name. This will help them associate certain words with that letter.
  8. Be a Role Model. If your child sees you reading books it will help them develop their own love of reading.

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