To Kindergarten – and Beyond!

Preschool that paves the way for future success

August 16, 2019

Preschool is a big year — a milestone year! At Bright Horizons®, children are motivated not just to learn, but to think, wonder, and question on their own. The preschool program encourages investigation, exploration, and discovery, with learning approaches that adapt to each child. Bright Horizons’ early education and preschool programs are designed to inspire your child, one curious moment at a time.

You want your child to enjoy their last year before kindergarten while building the right skills for the steps ahead. Bright Horizons gives you both. With a kindergarten prep program that offers multiple and diverse learning activities, your child is sure to thrive in all areas of development and pre-academic areas including literacy, mathematical reasoning, and scientific investigation.

Bright Horizons helps children get ready for kindergarten — and it shows. Parents and teachers report that Bright Horizons graduates come to elementary school prepared for their next big step.

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