Everything You Need to Teach Your Kids About Rosh Hashanah

By PJ Library September 26, 2019

This year Rosh Hashanah begins in the evening of  Sunday, September 29 and ends in the evening on Tuesday, October 1.

The Jewish High Holidays begin with Rosh Hashanahthe New Year, and end ten days later with Yom Kippurthe Day of Atonement.

The new year is a joyous time filled with family, friends, and food, but it is also an opportunity to reflect on our actions of the past year, and to consider ways to improve in the next. During the ten-day period between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur it is traditional to apologize to people we may have hurt, and to forgive those who have hurt us. Jews the world over go to synagogue to hear the shofar (ram’s horn), whose sharp calls are meant to awaken us and remind us to pay attention to our behavior and actions.

Rosh Hashanah is also a great time to begin, or refresh, new family traditions, like blessing your children. This month, PJ Library is sending a special gift to families to help you do just that. Learn more about how to say - or customize - the blessing of the children and how to use the PJ Library Never-Ender on the PJ Library Shabbat hub.

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